How I make my living

I have been working online for 6 years now. I have compiled a list of sites you can join for FREE that do not cost you a dime to join. Feel free to check them out and ask if you have any questions! I will be uploading payment proof for all of these and keeping you all updated on how much I am earning on each site every month.

Postloop - How would you like to make money by posting on forums? You can with Postloop! There are many different types of forums you can join depending on your interests; video games, the outdoors, computers, medicine, etc. Talk about your favorite topics and get paid for it! Join HERE For FREE

Chat About - Do you like to chat? What if I told you that you can make money by conversing with others. Join Chat About and get paid for chatting about topics you enjoy! Join HERE for FREE

Slice the Pie - Do you like to listen to music? What about listening to music AND getting paid for it. Write a short review of the song and get paid! Join HERE for Free

SwagBucks - Earn money by surfing the web, watching videos and shopping! What more could you ask for? Join HERE for FREE

Send Earnings - Surveys, complete offers, surf the web, clip coupons and get paid for it. Join HERE for FREE

Web Answers - Get Paid to answer questions - you must have an Adsense account for this!!! Join Here for Free!!

Writing Gigs

Do you love writing? Do you love earning money passively? Here are some writing sites you can join and get paid for sharing your stories and your advice! Let the articles sit on the website and make money tomorrow and years from now!

Infobarrel ---- Join Infobarrel HERE!

Knoji --- Join Knoji HERE!

Wikinut --- Join WikiNut HERE!

Examiner ---- Join Examiner HERE!

Squidoo --- Join Squidoo HERE!

Seekyt --- Join Seekyt HERE!

Free Apps That Will Make You Money

Checkpoints - Check into your favorite businesses around your area and earn points for doing so

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I also wanted to tell you about another opportunity that I have. The program is called ZnZ. You get referrals to do these offers or trials and make money off of them. This is the ONLY ONE on the list that DOES require a credit card. The first step is free and you can make up to $130 per referral when you join this. With this program, I can make a living right on my computer. If you have any questions with any of this PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The site for that is

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Factoidz is an awesome site when you can earn money for writing various topics.  You can right about pets, home decor, cleaning, careers, music, art and much more.  The possibilities are endless!  My experience on Factoidz have been nothing but excellent.  Every month, including the first month I joined I have been paid out via Paypal.
One of the best things about Factoidz, in my opinion, is that you don't need a set amount to be paid out.  While some writing sites require a $10 minimum to request payout, Factoidz does not require a minimum.
The staff at Factoidz are stupendous!  They are always sure to answer any questions you may have in a timely manner.
You can earn a certain amount of money right away when you publish your article as well as earning over a period of time.  This means that if you post an article and don't do anything with it for a few months, it will still continue to earn!

Check out my profile to see what I have been writing about!

If you are interested in signing up with Factoidz click here ---->


  1. I just did a review of them too! I love it there and one of the best things is the payout no matter what you have made!

  2. Nice to know these facts from an experienced writer like you.

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